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They travel from motorcycle event to motorcycle event, living the life of a gypsy. Sometimes they have a huge crowd swarming. When you see them on a slow day, go over and say hi. They’re good people. They are motorcycle event vendors and they are coming to a bike rally near you.

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Motorcycle Event Vendor Larry Smith from Supply, NC is the man behind the Kool Cover Face Mask. He designed it, patented it, and is the exclusive dealer for it. Phone 910-842-2953 to order one. For the best deal, tell him the Priestess sent you.


Many of the motorcycle event vendors are bikers, and take their motocycle from place to place with them, usually towing them behind their camper. Their shop is often a tarp and a few tables. They sell everything from jewelry to leather goods, sometimes it is handmade and an original design. They usually have things you need, so if you don’t see it, ask them. At a recent rally, I took the time to visit and chat with the vendors who were still there after the bikers had left. They were all nice folks who make their entire living by following motorcycle events from place to place. They are often charged fees by event organizers. When the fees get too high, like at some bike week events, they either pay the price or get an alternate strategy of setting up in a parking lot on the way. Some get disappointed when the crowds don’t show. Some take it in stride and know they’ll do better at the next bike rally.

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