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9/10   former World Trade Center site, NYC
Rally for Americas’ 9/11 Memorial Site
Hello, my name is Janet Roy, my brother was Captain William F Burke, Jr, Engine 21.  Billy died in the line of duty on 9/11/01. My family along with many other 9/11 families and friends are sponsoring a Rally at the World Trade Center on September 10th.  The purpose of the rally is to convince NY State Governor Pataki and NYC Mayor Bloomberg (ultimate decision makers) that the 9/11 Memorial should be first and foremost about the events and people of 9/11.  That irrelevant cultural and political centers do not belong at the memorial site.  While this is not a motorcycle event, I believe that your riders would be supporters of our efforts and that their presence would signal the "powers that be" that this is Americas' 9/11 Memorial, not special interests'.
More information on our movement and the rally can be found at
 I believe that your riders would be aghast if they knew what certain special interests were planning to erect at the WTC.

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