Motorcycle Clubs

There are many different kinds of motorcycle organizations. The major groupings are:

Motorcycle Clubs, Riding Clubs, Associations, Groups, and Owners Groups.

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Motorcycle Clubs - Basics to know

There are many new organizations which incorrectly call themselves motorcycle clubs. Some say it is a question of semantics. Others say itís ignorance. Hereís how you can determine for yourself:
In motorcycle clubs, you donít buy membership. You earn it. Patch designation is MC.
The reverse is often true:
In most other clubs, associations, groups, and owners groups, you donít earn membership. You buy it. Patch designation of riding clubs is typically RC.
Most organizations have a set of rules and regulations.

How does a club get chartered? Iím often asked this question. Many riding clubs become chartered by the American Motorcycle Association. See AMA for details.

Patches and Rockers - Motorcycle Club back patches are usually three pieces. Top rocker, club logo, bottom rocker. If you have a club that is designing a backpatch, you want to be sure to not have it look like another MC. If you are starting an MC or redesigning a backpatch, you may be best advised to contact the dominant MC in your area. There is good reason. An established MC does not want some new hot shots having backpatches that look anthing like theirs. If the new hot shots cause trouble, the citizens are going to tell the police they saw back patches, and may say what colors, leading to the police investigating the established MC.

Associations - there are many different kinds of associations, from racing associations to biker rights organizations.

Groups - most groups related to motorcycling are groups of independent riders who get together for rides and or socializing.

Owners Groups - An owners group is often, but not always, assisted or promoted by the manufacturer of a motorcycle. Members are often independent bikers, not affiliated with an MC. There are also owners groups which consists of owners of certain brands or types of motorcycles. Examples: Harley Owners Group H.O.G., Trike Owners Group, Big Dog Owners Group, Triumph Bonneville Owners Group, Norton Owners Group, Sportster Owners Group, Indian Owners, and many more.


Now that you understand some of the basics, there are various other criteria for membership in the different clubs and groups. Some are real strict about sticking with their membership criteria, while some frequently grant exceptions. The requirements for membership tell you a lot about a club or group. Often you can tell just by looking at the name, but before applying for membership, find out more about them to see if you fit in.

There are many clubs, groups, and associations for men only. There are dozens of clubs, groups, and associations for women only. There are many which allow both men and women.

There are veterans clubs, groups, and associations. Some are for a particular group of veterans only, such as veterans who served during Vietnam. Many of these are for men only.

There are many clubs for cruiser style motorcycles only. Some clubs limit membership to riders whose motorycles have engines over a certain cubic displacement. There are sportsbike clubs with members who all ride imported crotch rockets. There are American riding groups whose members all ride American made motorcycles. It might be a custom bike, but the requirement may be that the engine is manufactured in the USA.

It goes on and on, across most spectrums of humanity. Christians, law enforcement, firefighters, CEOís, executives, lawyers, gays, lesbians, rich people, and witches.




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