Gettysburg Motorcycle Ride 2005 - MAWMR

This is about my ride from North Carolina to the Womens Motorcycle Rally in Gettysburg, PA.
See photos from MAWMR and a ladies motorcycle ride through the Pennsylvania mountains, below.


 53048034742336725af826Gettysburg Womens Motorcycle Rally, Trip Report from Janice.

6/26/05 - I just got back in from the Mid-Atlantic Womens Motorcycle Rally in Gettysburg. The ride to and from Raleigh is about 8 hours each way. I packed a tent, sleeping bag,a change of clothes and headed out at 8am on Thursday morning. The route was through Oxford on 96 then route 15, all the way through Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. After setting camp, I headed over to the hotel to meet some of the women from MAWMR.

As soon as I landed, the gals at the party tent saw all the bugs that accumulated on my windshield and asked where I rode in from. I said North Carolina and they immediately knew I could use a cold one. Ahhh. Thanks! I needed that. After meeting the ladies at the tent, I met up with several other Carolinians at the pool. They did the trip with a night in Culpeper, VA. After that, I did a beer run to the 6 pack store, getting a 12 pack of Coors for $12. When itís 90 degrees thatís an okay deal.

A local girl, Kim, knew a place that had beer and chicken wings so 22 of us headed to Lincoln Square. Big Girl and Repo did a great job as road guards for the ride. We overdid the ordering and ended up bring wings back with us.

The tatoo tent was one of the vendors still open. I didnít find the design I wanted so it was back to the campgrounds and calling it a night.

The next day, after breakfast, I met up with a fun trio from Rhode Island who were all heading out for a ride on their Harleys to a nearby mountain, and they were terrific about having me tag along. The road captain was Audrey, aka Queen. She did a great job of getting us around the mountain taking rte 34 and 234. Linda, aka Zippy, had a beautiful tiara that we rumored was held in place by using a staple gun. Next came Debby, who didnít have a roadname. At one point we were clowning and Queen called her a name that was kind funny, and it stuck in my mind, but I wonít repeat it in case itís not destined for perpitude.

After riding around the mountain, taking a refreshing swim in a mountain lake, having a hot dog, and ice cream, we rode back to Gettysburg and got edumacated about all that went down during those 3 days of battle.

Later that night we all partied back at the tent. We met a lot of good people. Several womens motorcycle clubs, some chapters of large riding groups, and lots of independents were on hand. Names are withheld to protect the innocents.

That evening and the next day, I asked several people the same question: ďDid you have a good day?Ē The results of my unscientific research is that whoever had the most thrilling day went for really nice rides into the Pennsylvania countryside. Thatís what itís all about. The enjoyment of meeting up with old friends or new friends and sharing the wind and the road is what we all have in common.

It was good to see everyone getting along and partying with each other regardless of affiliation, race, sexuality, or what you ride. If there is any one thing I can urge, it is to continue having events such as this which are open to all. It is good to join together in supporting a cause such as breast cancer which effects all women.

MAWMR organizers are to be commended for their ability to bring together many women motorcyclists of all diversity.

I only took 3 sets of pics at MAWMR. The pics of the 4 of us during the ride around the mountain came out good, as did pics of bikes lining up for a ride to the battlefield, but pics from the party Friday night were all too dark. Pics will be posted here soon.

The ride back to Raleigh was better than the ride there. The weather was just as nice, probably around 90 degrees. I figured out a way to rig/position my pack to act as a seatback, making it super comfortable and avoiding all saddlesore. Long rides are a great time to think about modifications you want to make to your motorcycle to make it more comfortable.

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Photos from the womens motorcycle rally:

MAWMR 2005 Gettysburg

Ladies Ride to the Gettysburg Battlefield

Motorcycling in the Pennsylvania Mountains




Rhode Island Biker Chics Invade Pennsylvania

Rhode Island Lady Bikers

3 Harley Bitches




Snoozing on a Harley

Deb's Harley

Queen on her Harley




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