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Gettysburg 2005
Trip to MAWMR
June 2005 - The ride from North Carolina to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania for the Mid-Atlantic Womens Motorcycle Rally was about 350 miles each way. Rides like that are great for really getting into it, leaning back on your bedroll and enjoying life.

Motorcycle Vacations - July 2005. With gasoline prices being what they are, motorcycles are an affordable way to still go on vacation. Motels, resorts and campgrounds would be well-advised to learn how to become more biker-friendly and do such things as create secure motorcycle parking areas.

Motorcycle Rally Vendors - May 2005. vendors are often pretty cool people with interesting stories to tell as they follow motorcycle events from rally to rally. It seem like an interesting way to make a living, and these people are usually veteran rally goers. The next time you go to an event and they aren’t busy, talk to a few of them.

Letters to the Editor - I was getting lots of email. Unfortunately, 90% was spam, 8% was work, and 2% was friendly hellos from other bikers. I solved my spam problems. They’ve gone from over 600 per day to less than 10. Now, I might be able to enjoy email again, so please write to Janice about your ride and your rides.


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Run for the Wall
BIKERS Magazine, Roanoke, VA 5/27/05
Hundreds of bikers from across America, including people from as far away as Canada and Australia rode from California to Virginia. An estimated 200-250 left from California. By the time they arrived in Roanoke, their number increased as motorcyclists joined them at their stopovers in different states. See
Run for the Wall and Run for the Wall photos from Roanoke.

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