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Bikers USA is about real Bikers. Bikers USA network is a web ring of Bikers web sites. Featured sites are all verified as actually run by bikers. Imagine that!

To ensure this, if I donít know you, Bikers USA requires photo verification of you sitting on your favorite ride, and you have to agree to let me post your photo here.

Why? There are far too many biker wannabe web sites popping up all over the internet by geeks that donít have a clue about anything other than directories, html and java.



Bikers Magazine

Hey yall, Janice H. Davidson here to invite you to join Bikers USA. Riding 35 years. Makes for a sore butt donít ya know. If you never visited BikersMag, please do. Thank you kindly. Peace




Texas Turtle - BikeArt

Turtle is a 30 yr rider, blessed in life with a good wife, struggling to get in the wind once again. Heís got some killer artwork happening at his site, so give him a visit.


Pat Savage

Biker & Band Leader

Pat Savage Band

Hereís a photo of Pat Savage and his new custom built Harley chopper.

Pat and the Pat Savage Band have been touring in Germany and South Africa for quite a long time.

I told Pat that when he gets his chopper Iíd put him on the front cover of Bikers Magazine and stop just featuring him in BikersMag subliminal news.

Not only did he get his chopper, but he and his band have released the Purple Skies CD. For more information, go to the Pat Savage site.



News Flash: Wake Forest, NC 12/13/04. After several months of running this site with no registered domain name, I finally registered the perfect name:

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To get your link added here, join the Bikers USA web ring, add a decent link at your site to Bikers USA, then submit your site here. If you would like to be considered for a feature page, youíll need to get my email address. Due to the spammers who have ruined the internet, please just fill out the form below and I will respond with an email address you can send the photo to. Please allow me some time to get my act together and respond to you. 

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Note: The front page is reserved for bikers as defined by the old school definition: ďA person who rides an American made motorcycle.Ē We do not do this to put down other motorcycles or to slight motorcyclists who are on two wheels made in any other country. We do this in order to maintain the old school Biker community. If you get in the wind on a fine BMW or other bike, you belong here, are most welcome here, but sorry if you donít get on the front page. We appreciate ďonce a biker, always a bikerĒ. If you rode, letís say, an Indian most of your life but due to personal reasons, such as your bike died and a new American motorcycle is no longer within your budget, that is cool. Let me know.

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