Janice H. Davidson

BIKERS USA is owned and managed by the same hippy biker chick who publishes the extremely popular BIKERS magazine. Our motto for 2005 is Bikers - Definitely American.

Riding since the 1960ís, I ride the best motorcycle I can afford.

Currently, thatís Bailey, a 1996 Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 XLH Screaming Eagle.

My next bike, if I can ever afford it, will probably be a Springer Softail.

On the internet, I use a pseudonym of Janice H. Davidson to avoid violent people.

As a founder of the Priestess Motorcycle Coven, I also have another pseudonym, Northwind. Priestess is an international group of lady bikers.

On some of my sites, I try to use a small bit of diplomacy, and try to keep to the facts, but opinions often creep out. People get poíd at the least little thing, and to them it is really important. Sometimes you just have to realize that the more seasons a biker has in the saddle, the more feral they become. Itís not that Iím so concerned about trying to not offend, as it is that I realize there are often two sides to every story. Due to this, I created what I consider my own personal site, Lady Biker which may be a bit more direct and less apologetic in itís approach. I thought that since none of these sites were about me, I would make one about me that tells stories a bit better than the trip reports and after action reports that Iím accustomed to writing.

The reason I started creating web sites is because of my love for my own biker family. There were too many trashy and sleazy websites in the late 1990ís that werenít telling the story of what a biker family is all about. A biker family is cool, because suddenly you have brothers and sisters and their entire families to care about and who care about you. How can we expect the next generation to have real bikers if they do not understand the ways of old school bikers, biker lifestlye, and the biker family?

As publisher of BIKERS USA, it is my goal to continue to promote the biker lifestyle, publicize the many causes we support, and tell people to get out and safely enjoy the wind.

Free As The Wind,



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